Comforter Lift

Comforter Lift
Why do cats like to sleep at the foot of the bed?

I have two cats. Minnie and Linus. Minnie stays at the foot of the bed. Ocassionally she’ll come near my arm and rub her head against it and then go back to the foot of the bed. Linus lays at the foot of the bed but when he see’s me open up the comforter to get in he hurries to the spot next to the bed and starts lifting my hand with his head for me to pet him. After a while he moves to the foot of the bed. Why do they prefer that spot?

The movement of our upper body with head, arms, chest and shoulder are more extended than the feet in general. So there are more stable and comfortable spots at the foot of bed.
So your cats selected the most comfortable place as their cuddle, and when they need petting they will come to you to take their portion of tenderness and go back to their favorite spot.