Wheelchair Chair

Wheelchair Chair
How do I get my wheelchair in and out of my car by myself?

First time car owner and I’m handicap in a wheelchair. I don’t have a chair topper and I own a sedan. My chair is a manual of the quickie brand and the back folds and the back wheels come off. I’m trying to figure out a way to get my chair in and out of my car without scratching both the chair and the car in the process. Looking for fellow disabled people to help me out here.

I too am in a wheelchair. (22+ yrs) I am very independent. I used to drive a Mustang GT and was able to load my chair, etc on my own. I now own a Monte Carlo and have to use a different technique. Both of which I’ll do my best to explain.

FIRST, I bought a bath rug (rubber backed to prevent the rug from slipping) and lay it to the left of my seat (to protect the car from scratches and dings) NOTE: I load my chair from transferring to the drivers seat with both feet on the ground. (facing OUT)
For my Mustang, I had a Quickie. I took the wheels and the cushion off, and put them on the back seat. then, with my wheelchair folded, I was able to put the chair on the floor directly behind my (driver’s) seat.
Loading my Rigid wheelchair into my Monte: Transfer to driver’s seat, place rug on “rocker panel” (next to seat), take wheels and cushion off, put on floor behind seat OR on the back seat. Fold the back of my chair down, then I Tilt my steering wheel all the way DOWN, (to hold my legs in place). I then Lay my driver seat all the way back (recline) NOTE: Passenger seat is also tilted back to allow for maneuvering) I then reach across myself, pull my chair up against the rug, and (bracing it against the rug/rocker panel) I lift my chair, (with both arms)across my body and place it on the front passenger seat. (Luckily I am a small girl) I also keep a beach towel on the passenger seat for protection. I REALLY hope this helps!!! I hope I’ve explained it without it sounding too confusing!!! INDEPENDENCE is SOOOOOO IMPORTANT!

IF you use a GPS, and hand controls/ steering knob, etc, BE CAREFUL NOT to suction cup the GPS to the windshield! Just last monday, I was going around an “S” bend, my GSP fell off the windshield, the cord got caught on the spinner knob, and I could not steer my way thru the remainder of the “S” bend. I ended up in the woods, JUST missing a telephone pole! Devine Intervention had it so that my car only has a FEW scratches! NO DENTS!

I hope this helps! Would LOVE to know how you make out!
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