Elegance Position

Elegance Position
Help please. The windscreen wiper parks in the middle of the screen (at about 1 o’clock). Failed MOT cos of it

I have Mercedes Elegance C180 1996. It just failed MOT on the windscreen wiper. It works perfectly but parks in the middle of the screen at about 1 o’clock position. I tried to grease the arm mechanism but didn’t make a difference. Help please. Thanks.

1 the park switch is defective
2 the wiper arm is not in the correct position on the splined shaft – is the shaft worn/damaged?
3 the permanent positive power supply is missing to the park switch.

[just a point – is that the single wiper version that has an elliptical motion “gizmo” at the base of the wiper? it could be that but i have no idea how that works!]

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