Electric Wheelchair

Electric Wheelchair
Would it be possible for someone in a wheelchair (electric scooter by Amigo) to travel to Orlando by plane?

I want to take my family to Disney World. I use this electric wheelchair (scooter) and I wonder if I could take it with me. I think it would be hard for my wife to push me around the parks in a conventional wheelchair. Do the airlines take this kind of chairs? Are the buses that take you from the airport to Disney equiped to take wheelchairs?

Airlines will carry your electric wheelchair or scooter for you as long as it has dry cell batteries and wont leak if it falls over.

Plus in the airport they will provide you with a wheelchair and assistance on and off the aircraft if you require, but you need to let them know what you require a few weeks in advance.

You can get a wheelchair accessible bus from the airport to the parks / hotels, but again you need to book in advance. The also have taxis that can take a chair.

Disney is great for accessablity, they have adapted rooms and all the transport have ramps and lifts, however some of the lifts are only manual chair size.

You can also hire wheelchairs and scooters in the actual parks and they are pretty reasonable priced.

You can’t take scooters on to the rides, but if you need to be in a chiar they will give you one to use.

Have fun, its a great place and they are incredibly helpful.

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