4a Battery Charger

4a Battery Charger
Question about electrical outlet adapter to buy for London, England?

Hello there! In two weeks I am leaving for Dublin, Ireland and London, England. I know i need to get an electrical outlet adapter. I need a good one to use with my flat iron (i think its 180W) and my battery charger which this is what i got off of it…

AC/DC Power Adapter
Input: AC/CA 120V~60Hz 85W
Output: DC/CC 10V=4A

class 2 power unit

I kno u might say “yeah u can buy one at walmart” but i’m not sure what to look for when to buy it. Help! 😀
Sorrys but i need to correct myself…i kno what adapter to use but what size wattage do i need on a converter to work with a charger and flat iron :)!!
i guess i was looking online and saw 180 but i just lookoed again and it says 77Watts is what my flat iron has

Your biggest problem is that England (and europe) is 230v for mains power supply.

You need to check your iron to make sure its ok for 230V. If it is then 180W is less than 1 amp so any fused adaptor should be ok as they are usually 3 or 6 amp (domestic power supplies in the UK are fine up to 13 Amps).

You will need a battery charger rated for 230v input or you may fry the charger.

You will almost certainly also need an adaptor to convert your plug from your countries pin layout to the 3-pin plug (rectangular pins) used in the UK (you will find 2 round pin plugs in bathrooms but these are for electric shavers, using an iron will probably blow the fuse). So look for a travel adaptor with 3 rectangular pins.

From a quick check Ireland uses the same 3 pin plug layout as the UK but you might want to confirm that, adaptors usually list the countries they are suitable for.

The first link below shows you what UK plug looks like.

If you are looking at a voltage convertor to step the voltage down to 120V you will need a minimum of 180W, as well as the correct plug on the convertor. The second link has examples so you can see what to look for.

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