Series Handicap

Series Handicap
I am looking to buy a new gap wedge in golf?

I am a 19 handicap who is looking for a new gap wedge either 50º, 51º or 52º. My current wedges are 45º Pitch, 55º Sand (Callaway X20) and 60º Lob (Professional Open 658 series). I am not the best ball striker nor the straightest hitter. I am thinking about getting the Callaway X22 A wedge (51º). Any other suggestions?

Seeing that you are playing a X-20 sand wedge…stick with a Callaway X-20 or X-22 gap wedge. All these other wedges that everybody is telling you to get are conventional wedges, and will not fit into you thought process as far as completing your wedge set.

My best suggestion is that you get an X-22 gap…and replace the sand wedge with a Vokey or a Cleveland…they are both easier to get the ball out of the sand than an X-20!

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