Power Wheelchair Charger

Power Wheelchair Charger
Useless Inventions….?

1.Non stick Cellotape
2.Solar Powered Flash Light
3.A black highlighter pen
4.Glow in the dark sunglasses
5.Inflatable Anchor
6.Smooth Sandpaper
7.Waterproof sponge
8.Waterproof Teabags
9.AC adapter for Solar powered calculators
10.Fireproof Matches
11.Fireproof Cigarettes
12.Battery powered Battery Charger
13.Seatbelts for Motorbikes
14.Hand powered Chainsaw
15.Inflatable Dartboard
16.Silent Alarm Clock
17.A Pedal powered wheelchair
18.Braille Drivers Manual
19.Double sided playing cards
20.Ejector seats for Helicopters

Few more to the List; [All original ideas}
1.Fragile Condomes
2.Non Soakable Sanitary Napkins
3.Boiling proof Eggs
4.Tasteless Sugar
5.Soleless Shoe
6.Teethless Comb
7.Torn resistant Tissue Paper
8.Gripless Bras
9.Aromaless Essences
10.Odourless Deodarants …….This a short list, for further eloborative long list you can put forth your demand , on this open platform, will be answered without fail !!

Power-Chair Charger Unboxing.