Power Wheel Chair

Power Wheel Chair
I want to turbo charge my power chair?

Okay, so I was thinking, I could attach 2 650 horsepower engines to the back. And 3 rocket boosters to the wheels. I also want to be able to drive it on the highway, so I need airbags in case. And do I need a license to drive a power chair on the highway? I also need the torque and the hydraulics upgraded so i can do fast donuts. Thanks.
Oh I also need an awesome paintjob. So I can be accepted into a power chair gang. We’re gonna be called the “Wild Tons”. (I’m fat, that’s why I have a power chair) ow if you’ll excuse me, I need to take a bowel movement.

By all means you need to improve the power output of your power chair. As far as your desire for the rockets on the wheels, this has been done before. The Great Panjandrum of WWII. See video below. I will let you draw your own conclusions.
Another suggestion, forget the two engine scheme. Too complex and too heavy relative to power output. Go with the engine in the last link. Be a real American and go big.
For the paint job, I am partial to old school flame paint jobs. Don’t forget the fuzzy dice. Dice add at least 10 hp.
Good Luck