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will the bitlocker encryption work on battery power?

I have a Dell e6510 laptop. It is encrypting using bitlocker. It appears that it is running on only battery power. When I plugged the power adapter in will the encryption still work?

Yes the encryption will work whether on battery OR ac

IF you’re using bitlocker it is ALWAYS better to use AC. One slight hickup or fluxuation of battery power and the encryption might make your data completely unrecoverable. Latitudes are very well made and it is NOT likely you would have problem, but better safe than sorry.

Also if there are “unauthorized” changes to the system (at least what the os and the motherboard think is unauthorized) such as a change to the MBR or the bios, bitlocker can make your life complicated. For a business user in an enterprise, this is very GOOD. For a person that downloads movies off the net, this could be disastrous because one of the most common current “pranks” embedded in movies, is a bios flash (your antivirus will NOT recognize it). Windows “ultimate” does NOT mean “best”. It means “MOST” as in largest hard drive foot print, most features (and consequently most BLOAT)

Bitlocker does NOT have a backdoor.

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