Lock Caster

Lock Caster
I have a front load washerdryer. Whats the best way to move them in and out of their position?

I thought that by putting some industrial strength locking casters on the bottom would solve my problem. Yes they do, BUT the machines wobble a lot and I’m afraid they are already starting to buckle under the weight of the machines.
Basically, I have a small space and the wheels make it real easy to move these beasts if necessary, but I’m thinking that they are not going to be practical. Is there an easier way of moving these things?

Thank you to anyone who responds.

Usually, we just hope the repairs are done right, so we won’t have to move them again for a long, long time.

The machine needs to sit squarely on the floor for best stability. Casters are a problem.

But you could put a sheet of linoleum under the whole machine. It would slide more easily than the machine’s feet on the floor.

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