Hub Wood

Hub Wood
A good place to buy 14-16″ wagon wheels inexpensively?

I’m building a project and it requires four wagon wheels between the size of 14-16″ but can’t have a thick hub because it will have to lay up pretty close to wood (it won’t be operations, no axle). I’ve seen some on ebay but they have the big hubs as-well-as the amish built ones I find (not to meantion they are way expensive) and I’ve seen a couple of decorative ones for like $15, but they look kinda tacky. Does anyone know of a good place to get them fairly inexpensive (no more then $20 a peice, hopefully much less then that) that look realistic but don’t have the hubs that stick out really far? Thanks!!
I meant “it won’t be operational” sorry

29.99. SHIP Wheels 18″-solid WOOD WITH Brass HUB Nautical NEW $16.98 … Primitive Antique Wooden & Cast Iron Wagon Wheel Hub $9.99 …

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Hexen (N64) – Part 1 (Winnowing Hall, Seven Portals Hub)