Handicap Chair

Handicap Chair
Where are people looking for handicap accessible Vehicles?

My grandfather recently passed, and my grandma wants to sell his car. He had a prosthetic leg, so he had his car converted. It has the hand gas and brake, but can also be driven by the pedals. It also has a Braun Chair Topper to hold a wheelchair. It’s in great condition.

My question is: I want to sell it on E-Bay, and I also want my grandma to get as much as possible for it. Are there websites that I can post the E-Bay link for the auction on to get the most viewers, and reach as many disabled people as possible?

You may also want to contact some handicapped conversion companies in your area, and ask if they’ll purchase back your used already-converted vehicle to sell as a used car. (Ask for quotes.) You’ll probably have better luck with them than a regular used car or manufacturer dealership. You can find local companies through http://www.nmeda.org/ , the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association. Definitely start with the company that did the original conversion on your modified vehicle.

some other info: http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/adaptive/ and their listing of approved vehicle modifiers: http://www.nhtsa.dot.gov/cars/rules/adaptive/Modifier/Index.cfm (to find area modifiers that may purchase back your vehicle)

You may also want to do a free listing here:

good luck!

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