Golden Technologies Lift Chair

Golden Technologies Lift Chair
Which is a better line of Lift Chairs?

Between Pride and Golden Technologies

I wouldn’t think it would matter, as long as it raises and tilts the way
they are supposed to. We had one after my husband had back
surgery. We didn’t look for the brand. We were interested in the
smooth performance of the unit, and how comfortable it sat. It didn’t
make any noise to speak of, and it was new. And we got it at a
Goodwill store a few years ago. Later we found someone who needed
a chair like that, and sold it to them. And they were glad to get one
at a bargain price. I think we paid only $20.00 in its’ new condition.
Try a thrift store before paying the over priced models available. They
might have one in their ware house, if you ask the manager.

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