Elegance Lift

Elegance Lift
Sunset Flower, comments welcome?

Sunset flowers, fragility embraced,
Petals kissed, lifted with hunger,
On the lips of the wind,
With a wisp of sin.
Colored eyes cloaked in daggers,
Break the night without a fight.

Fall falls down around your gold,
Wrapping you within its folds,
Glisten as you dance,
Dance as you glow,
As autumn fades into snow,
Which melts around your toes.

Autumn flavors your eyes,
Sunset flowers are no surprise,
Blooms within your sighs,
The sky whispers,
Softly, silently, in elegance,
Magically in your hour,
My sunset flower.

Love the line fall falls down around your gold….GREAT! Don t like the line about snow melting around your toes,though.

100th movie lift tribute. Unusual and Elegance (Part 1 of ?)