Charger Sla

Charger Sla
What is the best way to store lead-acid batteries?

So, I just bought $100 worth of SLA batteries for an ebike I’m building, and as it turns out, the charger that I ordered online is going to take longer than expected to ship (probably weeks)…….

I’ve done a bit of research on how lead-acid batteries work, and how to properly maintain them, but I still don’t know much… I keep hearing that it is not a good idea to store them for long periods of time without being periodically charged, because of sulfuration. I also heard that sulfuration occurs faster at higher temperatures.

So, given this information, if I needed to store my lead acid batteries for a few weeks (assuming they are pre-charged), would it be safe to put them in a refrigerator? Would this actually help?


The term is “sulfation”, not “sulfuration”.

Don’t put them in a refrigerator; it won’t do any good, acid fumes may
cause damage to the interior, and worst of all, hydrogen gas from the
acid would build up inside the cabinet and could be ignited by a spark
from the light switch when you opened the door. I had a battery
explode in a car once… it’s very loud, and it makes a hell of a mess.

Keep them off of concrete. The best storage location would be on a
wooden shelf supported not from a floor, but from wall studs only.

A few weeks isn’t much time, but since you will need to recharge them
once you begin using them anyway, why not simply monitor their voltage
by checking them once a week wth a digital VOM, and charge them if
necessary to keep them in top condition?

Think of it this way: A car with a good battery in it can be left parked
for several weeks without there being any concern for charging.

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