Caravan Rear

Caravan Rear
How do I remove rear brake caliper from 2005 dodge gran caravan?

there are 2 lower bolts that I removed but this does not seem to loosen it. I was wondering if the brake pads can be replaced without removing the caliper.

Well, you gotta get a couple big screw drivers and maybe a hammer and PRY the callipers out. BUT BEWARE – IF you have ANTI-LOCK brakes, and you almost certainly DO, on a car this new, I would not mess with it, until you know exactly how to do brakes when they are anti-brake brakes. You will seriously mess it up if you do not do it right. Another way for Detroit and auto industry to make huge profits, because they make the job so difficult with anti-lock brakes. The old way worked very well, maybe a 1% improvement over the old “pump the brake pedal” method, but they pushed it through Congress to make it mandatory. Not only are they more expensive, and thus new car more expensive, it multiply more expensive to get it fixed, as it became very hard for backyard mechanics to do it on there own. It is called the bottom line: money.
Before anti- lock brakes, do it yourself for $15.
After anti-lock brakes, take it in, $300.
Safety improvement??? less than 1%
Auto profits: UP, UP, UP!!!

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