4a Power Charger

4a Power Charger
Question about electrical outlet adapter to buy for London, England?

Hello there! In two weeks I am leaving for Dublin, Ireland and London, England. I know i need to get an electrical outlet adapter. I need a good one to use with my flat iron (i think its 180W) and my battery charger which this is what i got off of it…

AC/DC Power Adapter
Input: AC/CA 120V~60Hz 85W
Output: DC/CC 10V=4A

class 2 power unit

I kno u might say “yeah u can buy one at walmart” but i’m not sure what to look for when to buy it. Help! 😀
maybe the correct word I should use is a converter! i kno what ‘adapter’ needs to be use (prong wise) but need to kno a good converter amount that will work w/ what i need it to work with…links would be appreciated!

Yes, my advice is go to Wal-Mart of any major store like that, go to the travel section (not electronics!) and they should have electrical adaptors there. Most will say on the package what countries power sources are convertible. I have one that can convert to USA/Europe/UK and back and forth. They’ll usually be called electrical adaptors. They are always well-labelled. So don’t sweat it.

15V 4A 60W AC Adapter Charger Replacement for TOSHIBA PA30920-1A1C Laptop