Van Chair

Van Chair
I have a wheel chair ramp in van and I need to sell it, but don’t have price. the web didn’t help, can you?

I have looked all over the web and cannot find something similar. It is in the van and I need the van for something else. It is electric and works great. This isn’t the kind that attaches to the back. I need your help in finding a price to sell it for. When I call companies for a price they will not give prices over the phone.

go to these website and ask the companies to sell it for you, they will keep a commission. If you want to sell it yourself, call them to get prices on buying a used one. Just tell them you are interested in buying one and how much are you looking at spending. Its all in the attitude whether or not they will give you prices on the phone. Just explain that you want to know if you can afford it, and don’t want to waste anyones’ time. Ask how much for the ramp and how much for the installation.

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