Twin Chair

Twin Chair
Mean to my twin {20 char}?

When I was 5ish I used to bully my twin and yell at her. Recently I’ve been in a bad mood and started to get angry with her. No physical stuff, just yelling and kicking the chair she was sitting in. After, I felt so bad and I apologized many many times and I feel like such a bully. I love her so much, and I hate that I did that.
How can I stop getting angry at her?

First of all, if you’re angry, make sure you are taking your anger out at the right person. Sounds like you are making your sister the scape goat. It must be a twin thing. I have twin grandsons and granddaughters. Each set has one that is, well lets call it, pushy. From what I’ve seen they spend so much time together that they take each other for granted. Their parents have quite a job on their hands teaching one that it’s not nice to punch and hit, and to teach the other it’s okay to say no or stop.

Being a twin must be hard. Trying to be your own person when other people are constantly comparing you to your sibling. Don’t make the mistake of doing that yourself. She is not you and you are not her. You have your own gifts and talents and she has hers. Don’t compete.

What do you do with your anger when your sister isn’t there? Do you hit walls, pillows? If you do, you might want to talk to someone to help you find out why your anger level is so high. Or do you just get nasty with your sister because you know you can get away with it?

Thank goodness you realize that this is not appropriate behavior and want to do something about it. You wouldn’t want to drive her away from you. You might have to treat her with kindness everyday for her to realize that you have changed for the better. What you could do is talk with your sister when you have a problem. She might be able to help you.

Twin Babies Fight Over Chair