Mobility Scooter

Mobility Scooter
Can I drive a mobility scooter legally without a disability?

I was given a mobility scooter not so long ago and decided to make it into a motorised arm chair (still electrically powered). Can I legally drive this on the road or pavement? It has all the necassary reflectors in place (white front, red back). I live in a quiet town so will probably be ok on the pavement but there are some places where the pavement is not there and I have to take the road.

You do not have to be disabled in any way to drive one. To drive along the road, not just cross it it has to be a class 3 vehicle and be fitted with Lights/indicators/horn/rear view mirror/rear reflectors
The law requires class 3 vehicles to be fitted with
all these features.
See link below for the laws

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