Ford Ford Wheelchair

Ford Ford Wheelchair
1996 Ford E-350 stalls in reverse backing up?

1996 Ford E-350 5.8 liter gas 351 Auto transmission dually shuttle bus with wheelchair lift. the rpm drop drastically when it goes into revers and as soon as you apply the brake (power brake booster) or turn (power steering) it loses too much power and stalls. I replaced the rear end sensor and no change, but when the rear end sensor is un-plugged it will back up, but wont shift smooth driving unless lugged in. I have done tune up recently, and cleaned throttle body. It runs smooth otherwise. Probably idles about 1,000-1,100 rpm in park, highest 1,200-1,300 in neutral, lower than those in drive, but really bogs down in reverse.

is it using brake fluid? if it has your master cylinder/brake booster is leaking vacuum and drawing brake fluid through the intake so check your brake fluid,is there a hissing noise when you step on the brake-brake booster leaking vacuum have the trans tv cable checked and die electric grease applied to all the connector plugs have it checked for trouble codes.
good luck.