Tech Recliner Chair

Tech Recliner Chair

I broke the lateral process of my talus about 3 weeks ago and had surgery 2 weeks ago. The OS put one screw in my ankle. My one week follow up showed that the bone was healing and I also got my cast on. I have started to experience some tingling in my toes that is pretty constant. The first 2 weeks after surgery I basically slept with my foot on pillows and set in a recliner with my foot up. The past few days I have started increasing my activity and went back to work were I can only put my foot on a chair straight out in front of me and not above my heart. Is the tingling a result of increase activity? Is it from nerve regeneration or could it be from swelling in the cast that is compressing a nerve? The ortho tech who put my cast on said that it was from swelling and the cast was pressing on a nerve in the top of my foot and that was normal and would go away with my leg elevated and rested.

Does anyone have any suggestions or has anyone experienced this before?

If you are still experiencing this tingling see the orthopedist. There is pressure on a nerve somewhere and that is not a good thing. The ortho tech that said it was from swelling may not have wanted to replace the cast. Nerve pain or tingling is nothing to play with for it could become permanent. See the doctor!

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