Power Wheelchair Soccer Power

Power Wheelchair Soccer Power
How to play some of theses sports if handicap ? a..s.a.p?

Okay i would like to play some of these sports or at least try to i am handicap and use a power wheelchair i can’t work a manual one. Hear the names of some of the sports that i like to try.

Cheer leading
Figure skating some how.
Dancing – don’t if that is really a sport though.

That’s about all i can think of i never really liked bowling even when i could bowl b4 i was in the wheelchair never really liked it.

So if have any advice let me know.

i am 16 by the way I live in MS right now if u know of any info around there thanks

Well first of all i feel really bad for you. Anyway I’m guessing on this but I think you could play golf because it involves your arms. Also so does Cheer it involves arms. (dance is a sport)-Fell bad for you.

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