Electric Recliner Lift

Electric Recliner Lift
What kind of cord/plug do I need for my electric recliner…?

I was given a nice electric recliner lift chair that has a massager and heat. Also, the foot stool is electric so I can’t recline. There is a cord coming from the back that looks like a cord for cable for your TV only it has 3 small hole in it where another cord should be plugged into it and then plugged into the wall. I checked under the chair and apparently this chair is from Art Van Furniture. I tried to go to their website several times and i can’t get on the website (site down? it shows that I have a connection problem but i don’t). If you have any info on where i might be able to find a cord, I would appreciate it.


Art Van does not get very high marks from most people. I would say you need the other cord to make this chair work. I couldn’t get to their web site either. The link shows a phone # and a street address. Keep after them until you find out what part you need.

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