Chair Connector

Chair Connector
Is the cheaper way to use wireless connection on my Xbox 360?

I have my Xbox 360 in the lounge of our house and it has a wired connection so I can go on Xbox Live. However for christmas my mom got me a gaming chair that is very heavy and would take up too much room in the lounge. However my bedroom can fit my chair but to move my Xbox upstairs I wouldn’t be able to have a wired connection. I’ve heard about a wireless connection but have seen the price and it is way to much for a wireless connector for my xbox. So my final question is does anyone know a cheaper way to have a wireless connection for my xbox without have to buy a wireless connector. I hope my question isn’t to hard to understand and please can someone help me!!

The only way that is possibly cheaper (wirelessly) is comparing prices over the internet for the wireless adapter (Like Ebay and such sites, or even try craigslist), sorry but your pretty much outta luck buddy, Microsoft is a good company but one way or another they are gonna wait for you to bend over and they are gonna stick it in. Money first, customer satisfaction….LAST!

If it wasn’t about the money, they would have just built wireless into the console in the first place.

I do agree with Jayden, just wire the son of a btch up, yeah the cord might look jimmy rigged, but it don’t have to look pretty, it just has to work.

soldering d sub connector