Ford Series Van

Ford Series Van
What size is the factory stereo in a 2007 Ford van (E-Series)?

A Pastor friend of mine asked me to replace the stereo in a 2007 Ford E-Series (Econoline / E-150 / E-350) van he just bought for his Church. I haven’t seen the van in person as yet. I want to know what size (DIN, 1½ DIN, 2× DIN, other) the factory unit was so that I can narrow down my recommendations. Thank you.

Both a 4 speaker and 6 speaker van use the same size reciever. I use to buy all the products I use because I know they are the correct size.

2007 Ford Econoline Van

Factory replacement info:

In-dash stereo
7-11/32″ depth; Size code E,F2,S,U

Front speakers
Front Door: 6×8″

Far rear speakers
Tail Doors: 6×8″

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