Van Wheel Chair

Van Wheel Chair
How will a music producer make money in the future?

Everyone is stealing music these days and as a result the industry is suffering.

Some argue that it’s a good thing, because it brings the artists who can actually perform a good live show to the forefront. In other words, people will share their mp3’s for free, but will pay big money to see them perform live.

That’s all fine and dandy.

But what about the producer who does all their work behind the scenes in the studio? People like Quincy Jones, Rick Rubin, Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, Dr. Dre, etc…

Producers historically made their money by taking a percentage of album sales. But if there are little or no album “sales”, how will they earn their bread & butter?

How will studio musicians earn money? I am thinking of one group called Van Gough. They are two wheel-chair bound musicians whose artistry is in their studio-productions. They simply cannot perform live. Are they basically screwed financially thanks to technology “advances”?

Unfortunately, the reality is that theft IS common now and harder to police. So it will require a new solution.

I think it will have to be in the performance area. Producers will have to take more of the rights of the artist and a bigger share of the sales in shows and other performances. As far as people not being able to perform, that is just part of the business now unfortunately. Which is too bad too because I enjoy a lot of music that I hate seeing live. I think many bands’ stage presence is horrible.

Quality of music will drop, ticket prices will go up, and the share that the band gets will become less.

My prediction at least.

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