Ford Lift Van

Ford Lift Van
Where can I get a custom made body for my truck?

We have a 1978 Ford F-250 pick up and want to convert it into a transport for my mom who is wheel chair bound. The idea is to take off the pick up bed and have a new rear section made that would bascially convert the pick up truck into a van/transport with a wheel chair lift in the back. Where could I go to get something like this done?

I do not think that is possible, as first off the bed and the body are two different parts. So, she wouldn’t have heat, either. And, I don’t know if having an elevator in the back of a truck is possible, to get her up there. The reason why they are always minivans is that they are already low and they can just ramp right up.

I think that you need to either bite the bullett by just sitting her in your car and putting the wheel chair in back, or just get a Ramp-Van.


06 Ford E 250 Modified Van Lift Up