Chair Wheelchair

Chair Wheelchair
I have a beagle in a wheelchair, he moves his back legs when in his chair, but then drags them.?

should I tie them back, or let them hang?
I want him to move, but I am worried that he will rub the hair & skin off of them by dragging them
what should I do?

If he moves his legs involuntarily, then that is good; helps circulation. But of course, if he drags them, then yes, he will definitely have sores and/or hair loss where there is rubbing. This can lead to other problems for the little fella.

Is there any way you can get some padding under him to elevate him a little more so this doesn’t happen? Or add extra padding where there may be extra rubbing?

If his little chair is fit specifically for him, his legs shouldn’t be dragging. Can you adjust the height of it? Call the manufacturer?

I wouldn’t tie them if there is another possible way to keep them from dragging and rubbing.

Good luck!

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